PBA Leader Motion


Leader Motion (LMSB) was founded in 2007 specializing in automation supplies. We have more than 20 years of experience in the automation industry. Our extensive knowledge and skill in this field have allowed us to provide better services to satisfy our customers' needs. Our products include Aluminium profile & accessories, auto casters, caster wheels & foot mounts, couplings, bellows and other auomation components including Linear Motors and Direct Drive Motors. Besides, we also provide high quality in-house & on-site assembly services to meet your requirements. We believe that "Your Satisfaction is Our Mission".

The ULTRAXIS aluminium profile system is flexible and can be used for a massive range of applications including machine frames, safety guards, workstations, conveyors, complete turn-key assembly lines.

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Why Choose PBA Leader Motion?

  1. Cost advantage
    • Less machining
    • Errors in construction or assembly can be rectified more easily

  2. Simple
    • Just order and assemble

  3. Tools
    • Simple tools are sufficient for assembly

  4. Short Lead Time
    • Minimum assembly time

  5. Service
    • Can be cut to specification
    • CAD product library available for use as a construction aid